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Ask Sakura Haruno (サクラ 春野 )

[Kushina:] So that’s how it is… Thank you for telling me. Just one last question—

[Kushina:] I heard you were my son’s… girlfriend? Any truth to that?


[Kushina:] Thought so.


Not that Naruto is that bad or anything, but really. Dating’s the least of anyone’s concerns right now. …Besides, I know where I stand in the case of my feelings.

To lie about them again… it isn’t worth it.

If I met her and circumstances allowed it, I’d would heal her first and foremost if needed, then get her up to date on the current situation, and possibly tell her Naruto’s whereabouts. Otherwise, I’d continue fighting and have Katsuyu take care of her if needed. I would like to believe that we’d get along and that Kushina Uzumaki is more than a capable Kunoichi. Though I wouldn’t put it past her to assume the same thing as Naruto’s dad.

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[Naruto:] “Hey, Sakura chan!”

I’d wish them the best of course!

Both Ino and Naruto are very close friends of mine, why wouldn’t I do otherwise? And thanks!

[Speaking of Naruto and Ino, there’s a blog here where you can interact with the duo themselves, in case you were interested.]

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Blue? That’s a good color choice.

My favorite has to be… red.
And thanks! 

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Taking that last one on a loose interpretation. "Killing off" his Icha Icha novels has to count.

…Of course, this whole thing is all hypothetically speaking. Sorry Kakashi-sensei.

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I know a good number, but it depends on how serious the wounds are. Generally, we medic-nins use Shōsen Jutsu, like this.

In more serious cases, I work with a team and use Chikatsu Saisei no Jutsu, where we use part of the patient’s body to help along the healing process. Alternatively, in the case where someone is afflicted with a pathogen or toxin, I use Saikan Chūshutsu no Jutsu to heal and at the same time take out the respective agent.

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A confessions blog huh? I’ll give promoting a try for you…

[sakuraharunoconfessions] (n.): A confessions blog concerning myself, Sakura Haruno. Any sentiments, be it positive or negative are welcome. See link below! 

Link: SakuraHarunoConfessions.

You’re welcome. I think I’ll take a look at some of these posts, I wasn’t aware beforehand there was a blog out there like this.

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If we can get someone to replace me while I’m out, we can go a few tents down to eat for a bit.

Also, happy birthday Naruto! And thank you. I hope today goes over well for you.

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All right, I got it. I’ll keep it between you and me.

…Date? Well, things have been different, either Itachi or Sasori?

  •  How about youself? …Anyone you have in mind?

Status on this changed as of this post. I’ll have another question answered next.

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They’re all evil, those Akatsuki members. Evil, ugly and unstylish!!

The best looking one was that mad terrorist bomber, the blonde one.

Besides, dad would have a cow if I started dating rogue ninja. ¬_¬

Sasuke-Kun is from Konoha so he isn’t technically a rogue ninja…


Hold on, I don’t think you’re giving off the right tone here. You were the one who started the subject by asking me the same sort of question—not the other way around. I seem to recall you wanted the response “private”, not posted, and it was implied that it was hypothetical. Do you want me to post it now to refresh your memory?

And again, it’s hypothetical. I was asking for your answer to a question just like the one you asked me. No one is dating whoever at the moment, so your dad and anyone else for that matter, doesn’t need to worry.

As much as I wish I could say otherwise, Sasuke is a rogue ninja. Rouge ninja are, literally, ninja who have abandoned their hidden village. Academy fundamentals.

Think of it this way. Itachi also came from Konoha, but he’s still considered a rouge ninja in the database. In the same sense, Sasuke… isn’t an exception.

…I see what you did there with that edit.

Hahaha, yes, it was private. For you. But the question addressed to me wasn’t, right? -gringrin-

Anyway - you’re just so much fun to tease~
You get so serious. ;D

Hmm… if it was like that then Itachi-San. 

Then in that case, we might as well consider the whole conversation public.

Only because you took it all the wrong way, making it all seem like something it wasn’t~

Itachi? Interesting choice.

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